Asian Fashion

Asian fashion trends

To look Korean nowadays, wear the latest trends from Korea’s big regions: simply accessorize with native accessories. If you are going to an event or wedding, wear a big bracelet or a big necklace, like the ones from the flagship stores of major Korean cosmetics and department stores. In the workplace, Korean work shirts with denim wear is perfectly acceptable and even seen as “flared”. Peek-a-boo necklaces are still top trends in real life and in fashion magazines.

Korean fashion is easily translated into Western fashion. You can easily notice the Chang straight-line cut, horizontal collars and even the high-wasted haircut; because of these trends, Westerners have a myriad of different ways to dress like their counterparts in the Koryootic Doctoral gowns. One major difference is the influence of Japanese and Korean fashion: in the 80s, the two Asian countries were on completely different sides; Japan was more into the service-oriented social structure, while Korea was more into the rock n’ roll, androgynous style. By the time the 90s rolled around, Japanese fashion and culture made its ways into the Western fashion eco-system.

Some might argue that they have already saturated the Western fashion market. However, when it comes to accessories, theactive clothing for both sexes is still quite bulky and needs to be balance with by the wearer’ s wardrobe. Just take a walk down Madison Avenue in New York City; you will find dozens of shops selling these accessories in every color and style under the sun.

Asian fashion also provides a large influence to the fashion world in general. From festival fashion to Asian art fashion, many Asian-American and Asian-occasion haveseed to learn from. Our population is not only about beauty and style, but also about our heritage and our fashion preferences. Hopefully, more and more interest will go into promoting inclusion and diversity for all people into the fashion industry. One such way to promote the cause is by attending fashion shows and/or even holding fashion weeks. disparity between representation for men and women is glaring, even in fashion. To which, designer should also perform because they are the face of the industry.

The current economic climate could be making many people turn to the internet to purchase goods. The hottest selling product or service nowadays is internet technology. With the advent of the internet, retail shopping could become a learn-and-stop experiment whether or not you would be willing to pay for the same item you just saw on sale somewhere. Despite this, people will always purchase clothes whether they are on sale or not, right? The clothing industry could help to solve the unemployment issue by providing skilled works to those people who wish to take up an opportunity in the fashion business. In short, fashion is a business and could provide many different business opportunities.

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